Entrepreneur Programs

Canada will support your company's growth as you collaborate with other qualifying small businesses and startups to strengthen the economy and provide jobs for Canadians and other permanent residents like yourself.

Federal Entrepreneur Program

This program was ended, and it is doubtful that it will ever be restarted.

Federal Startup Visa

An approved Canadian private sector organization's money and experience can help business owners expand their operations in Canada, and in exchange for boosting the country's economy and opening up job possibilities for both citizens and residents, they will be granted a Canadian Startup Visa. Contrary to Federal Entrepreneur or Immigrant Investor programs, candidates are not obliged to invest any of their capital in order to qualify for the program. Alternatively, they need to get at least one or more specified organizations' venture capital or angel investments.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

You can be qualified for a Business Entrepreneur Visa by starting or buying a business in the province of Quebec if you are an experienced management or businessperson with an intermediate understanding of French. For foreign enterprises, the Quebec Entrepreneur Program offers two tracks.

Provincial Nominee Programs for Entrepreneurs

Through its own entrepreneur stream of the Provincial Nominee Program, some provinces can nominate candidates. If you meet the eligibility standards established by the province and are interested in establishing down and running a business there, you may be nominated for permanent residence.